It is by having fun, doing sports and playing games that children playfully learn to integrate into a group, to help each other, to overcome their fears and to gain self-confidence, to assert themselves and to face up to each other. 
Sports clubs help children to learn that fairness, reliability and tolerance are the preferred choice when compared to riot, discrimination and violence.
This is the reason why Waelzlagertechnik has been a supporter of the youth work of the SV Fortuna Dresden-Raehnitz e.V. ( football team, thus helping young people – the future key players within our society – to get involved in useful leisure-time activities.

Citizens do a great deal for their cities

The vision of an open civic society, based on an ongoing dialogue between politics and economy, science and art represents another focus of an additional commitment of Waelzlagertechnik.
In April 2002, the charitable booster club LINGNERSCHLOSS e.V. was founded by culturally interested citizens of Dresden.

This club wants to refurbish and preserve this important monument of late classical architecture in the capital city of the state of Saxonia as a swinging community centre offering modern ways of utilisation.
For the first time – after almost 100 years – the wish of Karl-August Lingner – the caring entrepreneur and “Odol king” – to open this house for the citizens is about to be realised. As a community centre and a place of inspiration and exchange between people of different passions and professions, the Lingnerschloss Dresden shall be a symbol of cosmopolitan attitude, of cultural richness and of social transparency (