Environmental protection

Wälzlagertechnik has an active environmental protection policy, in that all processes within the company are checked and optimised with regard to using resources sparingly, avoiding waste where possible and disposing of it correctly where necessary, as well as saving energy.

Examples include the following: 

  • WLT makes sure that its suppliers also attach great importance to environmental protection. It is one of the most important selection criteria.
  • Minimised use of material, sparing use of resources.
  • Use of filling materials made of recycled paper.
  • Use of CFC-free special cleaning agents from certified and monitored suppliers.
  • Integration of soiled cleaning agents and solvents in a closed disposal circuit with subsequent treatment and material recycling in waste treatment plants certified according to the Federal Law on Emission Control. This waste disposal is done exclusively by certified waste disposal companies acc. to § 52 Sec. 1 KrW/AbfG (German Waste Management Act).
  • Regular implementation of maintenance and safety checks on cleaning equipment and fluid tanks bycertified specialist companies acc. to § 191 WHG (German Water Act).   

These are just a few of the examples of the efforts taken by Wälzlagertechnik to preserve an environment worth living in – an important aspect of company policy for many years.