EBS high quality Ball Bearing Unit - European Design

Since 2015 in the delivery program from Wälzlagertechnik there are EBS high-quality ball bearing units, according to ISO standard. EBS quality inserts in EBS ED housings according to European construction.

They are structurally identical to the major type ranges of European bearing units and provide a technically and economically highly attractive alternative to renowned European ball bearing units.

Thus Wälzlagertechnik consistently expanded its product range to EBS quality ball bearing units according to JIS standard, which are on offer since 2008.
All EBS quality ball bearing units are permanently subjected to strict internal and external scrutiny so that consistently outstanding product quality is available at continual traceability.

The EBS comparison test shows the competitiveness of EBS inserts, EBS ED housings are passivated and painted, and therefore come with rust and dirt resistant surface.
EBS is also certified in the sectors manufacturing and development of customized solutions in accordance with the latest DIN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

EBS stands for quality, high level of readiness for delivery and an extremely attractive price/performance ratio. Typical applications for EBS high-quality ball bearing units are for example in

  • Production, bottling, distributing and packaging installations
  • Construction, agricultural, soil cultivation and special-purpose machinery
  • Conveyor and storage technology
  • Wood working and printing machines

as well as in a multitude of further demanding applications.

Your contacts at Wälzlagertechnik would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have, technical advice and particularly in transcoding.


EBS Quality-Ball Bearing Units - ISO (ED-series)
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