NBR Premium Ball Bearing Units - Japanese Industrial Standard

With the NBR brand, Wälzlagertechnik can offer its customers a premium range from the Japanese ball bearing units androller bearings sector which are manufactured ??at the increased level of quality ABEC3/P6 and its quality is continuously checked according to DIN ISO 2859-1.

Both the development as well as the production are in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 and recently certified again. 
Maximum quality requirements and high availability often make NBR ball bearing units a very interesting choice on the market. They are mainly used in the following sectors: special engineering, conveying systems, apparatus engineering, agricultural machinery and packaging machines. 

In special versions, the NBR ball bearing units (stainless steel, polymer, surface-coated and with special seals) are mainly used in the following branches: food industry, pharmaceutical industry, beverage bottling plants, glass processing machines, coating and drying lines, bakery machines and further fields of application with extreme temperature and environmental conditions. 
NBR ball bearing units are deep groove ball bearings which are designed with inserts sealed on both sides with Perbunan, Viton or similar materials. These are easily mounted in housings of different types. 

Convincing benchmark test of NBR!

The engineers Professor Sturm and Partner, with headquarter in Dresden, conducted the following comparative test for a ball bearing from the trademark „NBR“ to verify that a qualitative statement on their performance potential was possible.

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NBR Premium Ball Bearing Units - JIS
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