WÄLALIT lubricating greases for heavy-duty applications

The wrong selection of lubricant or lack of lubricant are the most frequent cause of all premature bearing failure! 

For this reason, WÄLALIT high-performance lubricants have been developed especially for roller bearings and are absolutely suitable for practical use – even where standard lubricants fail. Their high level of reliability has been demonstrated impressively by a range of independent tests on FAG or SKF lubricant grease test stands. 

Advantages of the WÄLALIT lubricants:

  • Avoidance of direct contact of bearing parts under load
  • Reduction of wear and tear
  • Protection of metallic surfaces against corrosion
  • The type and quantity of the lubricant used have an important impact on the service life of bearings and can even make them maintenance-free.
  • Reduction of energy consumption, noise development and operating costs

NSF certified (US), registration no. 138519 for the food-processing industry.


WÄLALIT - Lubricating greases
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