Roller bearing quality testing and assurance independent of manufacturer

Roller bearings often have to withstand extreme conditions. Premature bearing failure is not only inconvenient but also often causes considerable follow-up costs. Therefore, Wälzlagertechnik has dedicated special attention to quality testing and assurance and has even developed a special measurement device for the sophisticated and high-precision measurement of roller bearings. 

Thus, the oscillating speed and oscillating acceleration of the roller bearings are measured by means of modern piezoelectric ceramic sensor technology according to a defined revolutions per minute. This non-destructive testing takes place on preexisting mounted roller bearings. 
Not only acoustic tests in accordance to DIN ISO 5426-1 are possible, but also multi-frequency analysis courtesy of Fourier transformation. Failure analysis and comparison between variuos brands measurements have also been. 
Therefore, you should look for possible alternatives to reduce delivery bottlenecks of some bearings producers or the dependence on a single producer all together.

Furthermore, the most important roller bearing tolerances can be very accurately examined in accordance with DIN 620 in a Class 1 climate-controlled measurement room (VDI/VDE guideline 2627) – for example with a precision plane-table (with aprecision of +/- 1 µm). Depending on the examination or measurement task, the customer will receive the appropriate documents from the initial sample test results up to comparison measurements and the test records containing random sample specification tests in compliance with DIN ISO 3951 respectively.

The service programme is completed with a microscopic analysis. This analysis enable the meaningful evaluation of the tribological conditions in the roller bearings, especially with regard to damage analysis or the drafting of roller contact bearing results.

Further information is available on request.