A world of high-value drive technology

Modern, demanding customer requests with respect to rolling bearings can only be fulfilled using adequate high-value drive systems. For this reason, Waelzlagertechnik keep ready a selection of suitable machine parts, complying with the ever increasing demand at an ideal price-performance ratio.

Waelzlagertechnik customers are in a position to get the following from one source:

maintenance-free; oil and heat resisting; evidence of the electrical conductivity acc. to ISO 1813 as required; set consistent, ie. particularly suitable for multiple chamfer drives; broad drive belts; fin belts and power belts.

V-belt pulleys:
V-belt pulleys for Taper clamping bushes of the usual profiles (SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC).
V-belt pulleys DIN 2211 (pre-drilled or readily drilled with key slot (SPZ, SPA, SPB).

Taper clamping bushes:
with groove acc. to DIN 6885, part 1, groove width tolerance zone: JS9.

Standard couplings; couplings for Taper clamping bushes; mixed executions.

Timing belts:
High-performance timing belts made of rubber and polyurethane; endless or as yard goods.

Timing belt pulleys:
with or without location washers; pre-drilled or for Taper clamping bushes.

Roller chains DIN 8187 / DIN 8188 and standard.
Conveyor chains DIN 8165 / DIN 8167 / DIN 8168
Hollow pin chains Flyer chains DIN 8125 / ANSI and standard
Chain wheels, chain clamping wheels.

Sleeve bearings (grease-lubricated):
Flange bearing DIN 502, DIN 503
Eye type bearing DIN 504
Cover bearing DIN 505-L and 506-A incl. bearing shells red brass