This is the linchpin at WLT!


The following 7 rules describe the way we think and act at WLT!

  • Everyone assumes complete responsibility for his/her undertakings and deeds.
  • Win-Win situations are what we aim at in all our activities.
  • For us, criticism means the opportunity to improve.
  • WLT customers get “a bit more” in terms of customisation and flexibility.
  • We share our knowledge and information with our partners.
  • For us, our work is a matter close to our hearts and our minds.
  • We enjoy “moving mountains” for our customers.

The WLT Team is in the happy position to rely on an extremely efficient and powerful organisation that allows quick and complete access to all customer and market-related data. To be and remain the first choice when it comes to quality, performance and service is what we all aim at in what we are doing and thinking. This is why we place so much value on further training and development.

WLT Unternehmenskultur Team